The Tao of Badass Review – Special Discount

Hey everyone, I came across a great book I read online a couple of months ago called
the “Tao System” (The Tao of Badass).

Believe it or not but this is one of the most popular dating guides in the past couple of
years. Before I decided to purchase it I read on the warrior forum that It was the number
one guide (from the self-help category) with the most affiliates promoting it.

Hey guys, Justin here, I stumbled upon a product I found online called the “Tao System.”
And apparently it’s the most talked about dating book of 2013.

The Tao System was written by a guy called Joshua Pellicer. I read an extract from it, I was actually more pleasantly surprised what I found so I went ahead and bought it.

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My motivation for writing this review on the Tao System is that there are a lot of
worthless books out there on dating and up to this point, I had yet to find one that was life
changing…And yes this is a real review and I actually do have a copy of it so this isn’t
fake or anything and I really want to point that out…This is Real!

I’m typically a really confident person, almost to the point of being cocky unfortunately.

I’m also a rather comical individual in my personal life, but occasionally it’s nice to meet
women and have them appreciate you for that level of attitude that would actually attract
them in a fun way.

The Tao System promises to successfully kick start your dating life with women. I was
interested to see if it could work for me and especially interested in what the Tao System
calls the art of ultimate congruency.I have no interest in trying to be somebody I’m not
and that’s why this concept is so appealing to me.

It push you outside your comfort zone, and it will take you somewhere you have never
been before. However fear is a good thing, trust me! Any way after all wouldn’t you
rather screw up with 6s, and 7′s on a scale of 1-10 with women and this way be prepared
for 8′s and 9′s so your not just going into it with a cold approach.

I didn’t want to just pass up doing a review because it would be a big injustice. The Toa
of Bad Ass by Joshua Pellicer is definitely the most useful.

Anyhow, this is what you get, coming from a member of the Tao System, I will break it
down. First of all, as soon as you are logged in (which is really well set up and very

professional) you will get a personal message by Joshua himself and my only complaint here is that it loads a little slow, but I can live with that because once it get’s going, you begin your journey to a whole new life.


  • How to secretly implant in a woman mind, her thinking of kissing you as you are talking to her.
  • How to pass the tests a women throws at you as you so that to keep her interested.
  • The worst mistakes men make when trying to attract women
  • A secret way to communicate with women, that gets them to connect with you instantly.
  • How to easily start a conversation with a woman and never run out of things to say.
  • How to approach woman and ask them out without getting rejected
  • How to create an instant connection with a woman so that she feels feelings of love, trust and connection with you.
  • How to eliminate your fear of rejection no matter how unsuccessful you have been in the past.
  • How Television, the Media and Society are all programming you to fail miserably with
  • women and why it’s not your fault.
  • The right time to kiss a woman and how you can always avoid rejection.


The amount of material offered along side The Tao System Book is amazing. This is the
perfect program for guys who want to feel confident around intimidatingly stunning

It doesn’t matter if you want a girlfriend or want to date multiple women. It will
definitely help you get the girl you want. As long as you’re prepared to practice what you
learn from the course, you will succeed.

It will also help you get rid of any negativity thoughts that prevent you from doing well
with the women you want. The guide teaches you solid information on how to make a
strong connection to the women you’re attracted to. It doesn’t matter how old you are or
what your current situation is, any guy can learn and apply these simple methods and
achieve success with women.


The only way you could fail with The Tao System is if you don’t read and absorb the
information, so make sure that you read it carefully. But most importantly, you have to
take action. Reading it isn’t going to take you far unless you get out there and actually use
the techniques in the real world.

Also the book only comes in pdf format only, so there is no video or audio format. But
there are tons of free video and audio bonuses that you can download or watch from the
members area.

The program contains a video series that will show you exactly how to get a woman’s
attention and how to get on top of the dating game.

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Every member will get their own community chat, which is cool. It’s sort of like
Facebook where guys can get together and talk about their problems and solutions. It’s a
community of like minded guys who want to increase their ability to hook up with
women and increase their overall attractiveness. There is a lot of great support from the

Next you will notice the main library that has the Tao of Bad Ass. I was floored! Without
getting into it too much you have to buy the book to understand it.

Basically, it covers all topics to do with dating, such as confidence, body language, how
women operate etc. It explains the main reason why women filter out guys, especially the
8s and 9s on the scale of a perfect 10 in women – what they do and why they do that.

Furthermore, there is a bonus books included in the Tao System, which is five-week
course on body language mastery, covering everything from eye contact to touch, negative body language etc. That’s all covered in excruciating detail.

I think it’s about ninety minutes in length. What’s also really cool is you can download the video, you don’t just have to stream them which I thought was an added plus! It also includes mp3′s for subliminal inner confidence.

When you think about it guys, that’s the key, it’s not just the outer game but the inner
game as well because women dig a confident guy, and this is a great way to exercise your
wussy behavior. Other than that there are other things such as “How to be a bedroom rock
star”, which is a little too graphic to talk about in this article review. You will also learn
how to date multiple women, hey why not?! 🙂

Final Overall Rating (5/5 )

Finally, The Tao System is not a scam. I highly recommend it; It is incredible! This is
probably one of the most valuable courses on how to attract women and as soon as you’re
a fellow member you will understand why!

You Can Check It Out Here. Make sure you go and buy, and it’s pretty simple to learn.
good luck!